Compliance Group is led by a team of highly experienced safety
and regulatory compliance leaders who bring practical experience
combined with in-depth understanding of the industry.

Piotr Nowosad

Compliance Group

Piotr is the CEO of Compliance Group and an experienced leader with deep knowledge of business services. He builds, inspires and aligns teams to create value, prioritising ‘Customer First’ and delivery of top quality service experience, especially using hi tech solutions. Piotr has a track record of delivering organic growth and building new business lines as well as deep experience of acquisitions and their integration.  He has a rigorous focus on business results that drive overall growth and value.

Robert Thompson

Compliance Group

Robert is the CFO at Compliance Group, with extensive international experience in multiple sectors including retail, manufacturing, and distribution. He brings a wealth of achievements in challenging environments, delivering enhanced performance including business partnering with commercial and operational teams, and transactional experience on both – selling and buying sides.

Mark Davies

Compliance Group

Mark is Chairman of Compliance Group and has over 40 years of experience in building B2B services companies in the UK and internationally. He has extensive experience in the compliance sector, having led and developed businesses in the fire and security, health and safety and environmental sectors.

Rob Nicoll

Managing Director
Zeta Services

Rob is Managing Director of Zeta Services and has over 30 years of experience in the water hygiene industry. Rob founded Zeta Compliance in 1997, building one of the most highly respected companies in the water industry. Rob also has a passion for compliance technology, utilising software and remote monitoring systems to deliver real-time compliance reporting and management information to clients.

Tony Monk

Managing Director
Flair Developments

Tony is Managing Director of Flair Developments and has extensive experience in the fire and security business. With a background as a commissioning engineer and then field service manager, Tony’s knowledge of fire systems and fire regulations is extremely well grounded. Having joined Flair in 2016, Tony has been instrumental in the company’s growth in both passive fire prevention and also fire alarm systems.

A nationwide

network of intelligent
compliance services.

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Electrical Safety & Testing
  • Fixed Wire Testing
  • Repairs & Installation
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Thermographic Imaging
  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Lightning Protection
Fire Safety & Protection
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Alarm Design, Installation, Certification & Maintenance
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Passive Fire Protection
  • Fire Suppression
  • Emergency Lighting
Water Hygiene & Testing
  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Legionella Compliance Audits
  • Water Monitoring & Control
  • Private Water Supply Risk Assessment
  • Private Water Supply Risk
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