At Compliance Group we have worked with some
of the biggest private and public sector organisations,
across a variety of industries, ensuring the safety of
their people and premises.


We have extensive experience in education from nurseries right through to university campuses and all sub-sectors in between, offering both single services and bundled services to a range of clients. Our customers in the education sector trust our accredited and certified expert team, who are fully vetted to ensure their suitability for working around young and vulnerable people.

Organisation is key with education clients as the works can often only be undertaken in school holiday periods, to avoid interrupting scheduled classes and lectures. Given that many buildings in the sector are of great historical importance, our team also ensures all unique requirements are being considered to maintain the integrity of the premises and building contents. We are proud to say that we have particularly high retention in the education sector with clients using our services year after year.


At Compliance Group we provide a full range of health and safety compliance services to the health and leisure sector. In a sector that incorporates a wide spectrum of diverse business models, we look after a number of national groups and liaise with them to fit in with their centre management, often undertaking work at weekends and evenings. Working with health clubs from the North of Scotland to the South Western tip of England as well as in Northern Ireland and Wales, our expert team understands and addresses the specific challenges of the sector, delivering efficient compliance solutions with minimal disruptions to business continuity. Our customers benefit from our advanced compliance knowledge, innovative use of technology, and our dedicated commitment to quality – underlined by years of experience and client trust in the sector.

Care Homes

We see ourselves as market leaders in the provision of safety compliance services in the care home and private health sector. This covers care for the elderly, care for people with special education needs as well as the prestigious private health care market. Our technicians all have enhanced DBS clearance and high levels of customer care training to meet the specific needs of this market, as well as extensive experience within this highly complex environment, protecting both people and premises. We understand the specialist requirements of the sector and the importance of providing a high level of safety compliance services without compromising or disrupting care and the day-to-day running of the environment. At Compliance Group we are proud to be trusted by many leading providers in the sector with their fire, water, and electrical safety, without disrupting the comfort and safety of their residents and staff.

Public Sector

Managing safety and regulatory compliance obligations is a demanding and complex task, especially in the public sector. This complexity and frequent changes to the statutory obligations can leave those responsible for large estates uncertain about their level of compliance, and consequently, exposed to significant risks due to non-compliance. Having worked with some of the largest organisations within the public sector, we supply them with a wide range of compliance services that not only ensure safety but also drive down the cost associated with compliance. We are proud that our public sector customers value our extensive compliance knowldge and experience combined with the innovative use of technology, our cost-effective solutions, and customer service, and trust our team with their health and safety compliance needs.

Industry & Pharmaceutical

Compliance is an integral component in the pharmaceutical industry, as there is constant exposure to chemical and biological hazards. In addition, non-compliance may impact workforce productivity and have significant repercussions on business continuity. In this highly regulated industry, it is a legal obligation to conduct thorough health and safety risk estimation which involves reviewing the workplace to identify the dangers and their sources. It is therefore essential to implement and regulate corporate safety standards across all pharmaceutical buildings, offices, and laboratories. At Compliance Group we have extensive experience working with leading pharmaceutical organisations to minimise risk and ensure the health and safety of their people and premises.

Hospitality & Leisure

Protecting visitors in the hospitality and leisure sector is as crucial as the efforts that go into ensuring high customer satisfaction. Legislation and regulations in the sector are increasingly complex and can become a real distraction from the important business of keeping your customers happy. However, the risks of non-compliance could involve risks to persons and the environment as well as potential litigation, financial cost, and reputational damage. At Compliance Group we work on behalf of many leisure and hospitality organisations nationally and over the years we have come to understand the issues they face, providing in-depth industry expertise, innovative use of technology, and the highest levels of customer service, so they can focus on their key priority – their customers.


In the retail sector business never stops and customer access is paramount. With retailers’ focus on customer satisfaction, providing a safe environment, and reducing unnecessary losses is a priority. At Compliance Group we believe it is key to have a partner who will work around the challenge of opening hours to offer a non-disruptive solution. Over the years we have executed a number of large projects for retail estates and recently have been widely recognised for our innovative and cost-effective approach on property portfolios that consist of over 2,000 buildings. With our extensive experience our team are specialist in providing fire, water and electrical compliance solutions that support reducing shrinkage while ensuring the safety of retail employees and customers.


By law, businesses have an obligation to protect their staff and customers, irespective of their sector. If a business is found to be non-compliant it could have notable implications from a significant fine to those found responsible serving a custodial sentence. At Compliance Group we have a wide range of corporate clients across many sectors, including professional services, construction, manufacturing, technology, media and many others. These organisations need a partner whom they can trust and who offers a consistent compliance service over multi-site locations with the minimum of disruption, and we are proud to be their partner of choice for ensuring their fire, water and electrical safety.

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